O BeFree-Mobile
Krótkie informacje o BeFree-Mobile
BeFree-Mobile is a world-wide mobile operator created in 2006 to solve the problem of extremely high roaming charges. BeFree-Mobile doesn't want to compete with local operators. In fact it does have roaming agreements with over 700 GSM operators. It took over 3 years just to sign all the necessary contracts needed to create such a global system. BeFree-Mobile operator aims to gain a small number of customers (less than 100.000) in each country of the world, because it's customer target is only the elite group of people, who have very high mobile phone bills (due to need for international calls)!
BeFree-Mobile makes very good use of new advancements in technology. Each time a call is made from BeFree-Mobile card, the system chooses in a split second the best available operators to connect the call. This solution allows BeFree-Mobile's cutomers to benefit from the lowest international mobile prices in the World!
Global coverage
Even though BeFree-Mobile is located in The United States of America, the cards are shipped Worldwide. BeFree-Mobile is a global operator, thus not confined to one country or market. You can make and receive calls using your BeFree-Mobile SIM in over 170 countries.
BeFree-Mobile is a part of BFM Group LLC.
The Company address is:

16192 Coastal Highway
Lewes, Delaware 19958